Linita delivers an extensive range of quality water control gates and hoist systems. We offer innovative design and manufacturing solutions for any water control project – including large scale requirements. Our qualified technicians see your project through to flawless installation and thorough assurance testing. We work with you to ensure all your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Linita also offers complete capabilities to fully relieve stresses induced by the energies of welding. Our oven measures 30 ft x 16 ft x 10 ft with a capacity of 100 tonnes, at a temperature of 2,000°F. The oven is calibrated according to ASME standards. It has 6 thermocouples that attach to your weldment to maintain accurate heat within +/-25°F.

Linita has manufactured a wide variety of products ranging from heavy presses and press components, gear blanks, gear box components, crane bridges, trolleys, trash rack cleaners, and machine bases. We have 100 tonnes lifting capacity and a fully equipped shop.

For experienced professionals, allow Linita to meet your design and manufacturing needs.